Monday, January 3, 2011 multiple brief posts!

so the first thing we did was get ourselves almost stuck in a be fair i didn't back this far in, i was backing up to the grass COVERING the ditch and then when i put it in forward we started sliding backwards cause the wheel was just on the cusp of the edge of that pavement when i had stopped...
fortunately the first car of super friendly fijians that passed pulled us out!
ronald mcdonald...the most globally accepted creepy clown ever...
while at mcdonald's (getting shakes and playing on the playland!), we (i) killed the battery by leaving the lights on!...again, saved by some more friendly fijians that helped us locate the battery (under the passenger seat of course!) and jump it!
the cutest trains...they were all over...they do a LOOOOOT of sugar cane transporting!
heading out for dinner...tired and hungry...
but i guess more tired than hungry!
of course she woke up right after missing this beautiful sunset...and then threw a an overtired fit the second our food hit the we packed it up to go and ate it in the hotel...oh well!

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