Tuesday, March 30, 2010

a spelunking we will go!

got the chance to go explore the talofofo caves today...very cool...

there are 7 separate caves i think...all varying in size and depth...including the one with the dropoff that made me a little squeamish just to look at!

we found a few pictographs...not sure if they are the real thing or just something some teenager added to pass the time, but we'll go ahead and pretend they're real cause they look like the documented real ones!
saw the window arch...apparently the caves were all connected at some point...til the ceiling collapsed and left this arch with a view to the east coast...

went through a couple of tight squeezes and used a rope to climb and descend a wall in one of the caves (sent one of the other girls up first to test the soundness of the rope....what??? - i'm not stupid! - can't just trust any rope you find in a cave!)

and in this picture you can see on the left, a spelunker, and on the right, a caver...

you see - "cavers rescue spelunkers"...or at least that's what wikipedia says...a spelunker is an uneducated and inexperienced cave explorer and that's what i am...ali g on the other hand, knows what she's doing! - we'll call her a caver!


  1. Wasn't it a fantastic adventure today? Great to meet you, Erin! I'll get my cave photos up tomorrow. First though, bedtime...


  2. Looks like an awesome day! Glad you're getting to enjoy our island's natural beauty.

  3. nicola - i'll have to send you some of the other ones...

    drea - it was awesome! correct me if/when i butcher the history of stuff please!!!

  4. Erin, I put my cave photos up on our blog (www.kellanrobertevans.blogspot.com). There are a couple of you in there. Feel free to grab them for your own collection if you want.

  5. Dude, you are not supposed to do anything cool while in Guam...that way none of us are jealous.